John Scott Yoga Teacher Training

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

with Sandra Howling


Sandra is delighted to announce her next JSY Teacher Training Courses scheduled for 2020/21, now open for application. Sandra has Johns blessing and instruction to take students from 0-500 hrs.


200hrs - The Primary Series, is available to all new applicants and the last 100hrs is available for those who completed level 1 of John and Lucy's TT's but didn't have the opportunity to complete level 2.

  • Suitable for students with a full Primary Series Practise
  • Knowledge of the Counted Method (of the full Primary Series)
  • Those with a possible desire to teach, or who are already teaching


500hrs Certification - The Intermediate Series (circa 300hrs): Current JSY 200hr students (whether gained through John Scott, Lucy Crawford, Sandra Howling, Beata Darowska or Claire Berghorst) will be able to go from 200-500hrs with Sandra, comprising 150hrs of 3x 50hr modules on the Second Series and an additional circa 150hrs made up of hosting/assisting/working closely with Sandra (minimum practise requirement upon commemcement of Training please to Ekapada Sirsasana).

  • Suitable for students who have completed the 200hr JSY Primary Series Teacher Training
  • For students who have a personal practice of the Intermediate Series of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga (minimum practise to Ekapada Sirsasana)
  • Knowledge of the Counted Method / or learning the Count for the Intermediate Series
  • Those with a desire to teach, or who are already teaching


Foundation Course (36hrs) - The Primary Series. This course is:

  • Suitable for Primary Series Practicioners who wish to deepen their practise, understanding and knowledge of the Primary Series
  • For those students wishing to learn the Counted Method
  • Can be done as a stand alone course for personal learning or for those who are thinking about sharing this beautiful practise and/or wishing to embark on the JSY Primary Series 200hr Teacher Training


2020 / 2021 new Courses Schedule:


200hr PRIMARY SERIES Teacher Training: 4 Modules

Module 1: Sat 5th - Thur 10th December 2020 - Venue: Swineshead, Beds, UK

Module 2: Sat 17th - Thur 22nd April 2021 - Venue: Swineshead, Beds, UK

Modules 3&4: Sat 28th August - Sat 11th September 2021 - Venue: YogApulia Retreat Centre, Puglia, Italy


500hrs Certification INTERMEDIATE SERIES Teacher Training (circa 300hrs) The first 150hrs (3x 50hr Modules):

Module 1: Mon 4th - Sun 10th January 2021 - Venue: Swineshead, Beds, UK

Module 2: Sun 25th - Sat 31st July 2021 - Venue: Swineshead, Beds, UK

Module 3:Sat 11th - Fri 17th December 2021 - Venue: Swineshead, Beds, UK


Foundation Course - The Primary Series 36hrs

Autumn / Winter 2020 - Dates TBA


email sandra for application process, dates, fees and venue/accommodation info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.